World Buddhist Culture Trust (WBCT) is a non-political, non-profit making, non- sectarian, public charitable and cultural trust. It was established in 1996 by Lama Doboom Tulku with a vision for human-unity towards a better world tomorrow.

Its mission is to initiate, encourage and promote all activities that embody essence of lasting peace and true harmony.

It aims at creating a common platform where the different Buddhist traditions and other cultures of the world could meet together for inducing deeper understanding among all societies to promote greater harmony. In keeping with the Buddhist ideal of universal compassion, it aims at engaging in active community service especially in the area of public health care and environmental issues. It intends to impart knowledge and conduct research in various fields of Buddhist art and culture. It works for cross-cultural, inter-religious and intra-Buddhist dialogues at different levels aiming to make a significant contribution towards peace and harmony in the world.

The trust runs solely on donations.

It is pursuing two projects namely:

BUDDHA LAND Doboom Centre for World Buddhist Art and Culture in Telangana region of South India where art and culture is used as a vehicle for expressing the insights of Buddhism and reaching out to people of diverse traditions. More>>

THOUSAND BUDDHA HALL Doboom Centre for Sangha Retreat and Monastic Arts in Gurgaon, Haryana will enshrine thousand statues of Buddha and it is to become a Model Sangha Community that strictly adheres to Buddhist values of simplicity and contentment.      More>>